The Lost Laird

 Warrior Androu MacLeod has seen it all. His immortality is a curse, and he’s no longer interested in anything that doesn’t offer a challenge. As time has passed, he gives up conquering armies, and instead conquers in the boardroom. Nothing has piqued his interest in decades. Until a woman stumbles into the hidden keep of Dunvegan. Then he can no longer ignore his guardian duties to his clan.
Nadiana Atonescu has finally realized her dream of searching for the fabled castle of Dunvegan. Her plans go awry when three warriors ride out of the mists and tell her to leave. After working her whole life to get to this point, she has no plans of abandoning her quest to prove Dunvegan exists.
When forces outside their control threaten both of their lives, and offer the chance to lift the curse, the two of them have to work together to unite the clan. But when the time comes, will Drew be willing to give up his immortality?